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Inkjet Electronics Training Course

PEL's established "Inkjet for Electronics" courses are now available quarterly.

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Inkjet Electronics and Materials Deposition:

April 3rd to 5th 2013

Further dates in 2013 to be finalised:

June 2013

Sept 2013

November 2013

Location - Tamworth, B77 5HH, UK

PEL Launch "PEL Nano P60" - electronic grade paper substrate.

PEL launch a research-grade, electronic-rated paper to complement the range of substrates available. Nano P60 is a non-organic coated paper for use with nanoparticulate inkjet inks.

A short video showing its fast cure characteristics.

Practical Inkjet Lessons
Presented at RFID Europe. An encompassing view of the technology and its reach.... More
 About PEL
PEL is a UK company developing processes and systems for the commercial fabrication of electronic circuits and devices using inkjet and digital methods. Our state of the art Inkjet Electronics Development Facility provides leading edge equipment and capability. Our experience can shorten product development lead-times and reduce costs.
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